Ice resurfacing machines


All types of our ice resurfacing machines are at a very high level and we supply them also in an electric version. Our machines eliminate the problem with the outflow of harmful substances on the rinks.


From the beginning of our existence we placed to Czech Republic, Slovak, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania 58 new ice resurfacing machines.


Our other activities are the customer services. Due to the high level of quality and very well equipped mobile workshop we currently provide service not only here but also on 20 other machines in Poland.


Mobile skating rink QUICK ICE


At present we have a lot of technical achievements which provide us with more free time than our ancestors had


It's very nice, but the problem is: "What to do?"


There are many activities but some of them are limited by climate of our country. People's ideas about the ideal spending of leisure are also different. And you want to fulfill everybody and to solve unsolvable - to satisfy all


Equipment of stadium


LED screens

Video referee


The seats

Ice coverage of surfaces

Gums to tribunes

Grinders of skates

Hockey goals

Silesia Cutter

Cabins for the goal referee

Hockey lines

Lines on Curling

Hockey nets

Hockey pucks